About the Artist

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up.

– Pablo Picasso


This quote by Picasso has always resonated with me. All my childhood friends loved to draw, as did I. I remember some friends who were really talented and created awesome drawings already at a young age. Everyone said they had talent for drawing, and I was jealous. No one said that about my drawings. But what I lacked in talent, I made up for with perseverance. In my teens, when everyone around me was in a hurry to “grow up” and laid aside childish activities like painting and drawing, I did my best not to. There was a part of me, my inner child I suppose, which had an insatiable urge to draw and paint. So I kept on drawing and painting. All the way thru high school and college (and it should be noted that I’m not an art major) and into adulthood I kept up on with my “hobby”.

Today I’m a father to an awesome little kid (who will be introduced to finger paints very soon). Husband to my lovely wife. I have a career as a software engineer. So one could say I have acquired quite a few so called “adult points” in my life so far. Yet, I still find time to channel my inner child and draw, paint and learn.

And recently people started calling me talented. But I will always know the truth. I’m just a hard working guy that never quite grew up. A guy that loves to paint cool stuff.